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Thanks for checking out my site! My name is Elijah Millard and I am a professional search engine optimizer. I was born in Woodbridge, VA and moved to Fredericksburg, VA where I attended middle school and high school. After I graduated high school, I moved to Norfolk, VA where I received my degree in Mass Communications & Psychology at Old Dominion University.

Once receiving my degree at ODU, I moved back to Fredericksburg, VA and began working for Blue Star Rental of VA. My first 6 months at Blue Star, I performed the duties of assistant manager and marketing coordinator.

The company quickly realized my potential and created a new position to match my skillset titled “Legal Delegate”. As a legal delegate, I represented Blue Star in court hearings and was the head of filing & executing warrant in debts & felonies for stolen merchandise.

After 3 years performing the duties of a legal delegate, I desired a career change, something that would more effectively utilize my degree. In February 2017, I began working for 321 Web Marketing as a digital marketer. In only a few short months I began to master the art of SEO, and used this new skill to win campaigns for our clients and enhance our own marketing efforts.

Within 6 months of working at 321, I competed against a group of my peers and won the role of digital marketing strategist. As digital marketing strategist, I created multiple successful digital marketing campaigns, became a co-prospector for new clientele, created & implemented an internship program, acquired a team of 8 marketers of whom I directly supervised and transitioned into the head of the marketing department.

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May 2nd, 1990
Woodbridge, VA

Fairfax, VA

Old Dominion

Digital Marketing

Director Of
Marketing – 321

Board Of
Directors – FAS